A recent interview with the Noma chef and Nadine Levy Redzepi reveals what the couple cooks together.
rene redzepi cooks at home
Credit: ROBIN VAN LONKHUIJSEN / Getty Images

What does the world’s most influential chef eat when he’s at home? In a recent interview with The Guardian, René Redzepi and Nadine Levy Redzepi reveal a few of their favorite home-cooked dishes. Apparently, René likes to cook spaghetti, and Nadine, also a chef, whips up chicken livers with tomatoes and chilies. She also prepares roast chicken, which she calls “the perfect meal” whenever her husband returns home from a long trip. Additionally, they feast on pasta sauce with mussels, inspired by Levy Redzepi’s time working under Antonio Carlucci. If it seems like René is underrepresented in his own kitchen, you're not wrong. According to Mario Batali, “Nadine is in charge at home.”

Levy Redzepi spent much of her youth in Portugal and remembers picking pomegranates, herbs, and olives, and making porridge and vinaigrette. The duo met at the now-shuttered Noma and have three daughters. It seems the couple certainly likes to keep themselves busy. This spring, Redzepi did a seven-week Noma pop-up in Tulum to which he reportedly brought a personal trainer for his staff. The Noma team hosted another pop-up beneath the Knippelsbro Bridge in Copenhagen, this past summer. He also unveiled an app called Vild Mad, or "wild food" in Danish, which teaches users how to forage for edible treats depending on the season. At the time, Redzepi said it’s a “tool for decoding the landscape and all its culinary potential."

Meanwhile, Levy Redzepi comes out with a cookbook entitled [tempo-ecommerce src="https://www.amazon.com/Downtime-Deliciousness-Nadine-Levy-Redzepi/dp/0735216061" rel="sponsored" target="_blank"> on October 24. The book will include recipes for potato chips, Portuguese pork chops, Jerusalem artichokes, gyoza, and Danish macaroons and fudge brownies for dessert. Despite her expertise, she likes to keep it simple. She told The Guardian, “I wrote all the recipes as though trying to explain them to my cousin,” she says. “She loves to eat but is not a good cook.”

Apparently, that approach may also be the key to putting another Redzepi name on the map. Momofuku's David Chang suspects “people [will] see that maybe the best cook in the Redzepi household isn’t René but Nadine!”