Some lucky Colorado residents will get free beer from Breckenridge Brewery via a Santa-approved delivery method.

Not that you weren't already getting accustomed to delivery, but the COVID-19 pandemic has taken our habit of having stuff brought to your door and turned it from luxury to necessity. But don't you miss the luxury part? Deliveries have become so commonplace, what's to make them special anymore? This holiday season, Colorado's Breckenridge Brewery has the answer: reindeer.

This year, ten lucky Colorado residents will have a minikeg of Christmas Ale from Anheuser-Busch's Breckenridge Brewery sent to their door by a Santa-approved method: reindeer delivery. Admitting 2020 will be "an unusual holiday season," the Littleton-based brewer decided antlered animals could cheer people up, so they teamed with the nearby Moon Deer Ranch to put some of their residents to work.

Reindeer beer delivery
Credit: Breckenridge Brewery

"We knew we wanted to help spread some holiday magic during this unusual season, and what better way to deliver festive beer than with 'reinbeer'?" Todd Usry, president at Breckenridge Brewery, explained. "So we searched far and wide until we found the perfect reindeer who were up for the task and conveniently located right here in Colorado at Moon Deer Ranch. These special, joyful reindeer will be at each stop to take photos and ensure the Christmas Ale is delivered safely for the holidays."

Coloradan beer lovers can enter the sweepstakes on the brand's website from now until December 2, and then on December 5 and 6, Breckenridge will make visits to five lucky winners each in Denver and Cascade. "When the beer is delivered, recipients can feed and pet the reindeer as a festive way to de-stress," the brewery writes. "Who doesn't need some delicious beer and holiday cheer?"

Yes, your beer comes free with the delivery. Plus, beyond the advertised minikeg the fine print mentions that winners will also get a Christmas Ale t-shirt, a Christmas beanie, and an extra 12-packs of Christmas Ale. That's my kinda fine print!

Meanwhile, you're not the only person with a chance for free stuff. To encourage signup, Breckenridge has promised to donate one meal for every entry to the Food Bank of the Rockies. So to recap, your attempts to get free beer will also be for a good cause… for once.

For the record, though this is Breckenridge's first time running this promotion, reindeer beer deliveries aren't entirely new. Back in 2015, England's Box Steam Brewery made headlines by delivering its beer on a proper reindeer-pulled sleigh. But those deliveries were being made to pubs. In America, the beer reindeer make house calls.