By Carey Jones
Updated June 05, 2015
© Chef Paul Callahan

The sandwich-eating public is familiar with most classic, oddball American attempts at putting various things between two pieces of bread—you've probably heard of the Elvis and the Hot Brown, right? But the Dagwood may be an exception.

Named for Dagwood Bumstead from the comic strip Blondie, the sandwich was inspired by the character's penchant for huge, unwieldy sandwiches—not just overstuffed but towering with layer upon layer of sandwich-y foodstuffs.

Generally, you'll see a Dagwood piled high with all-American cold cuts and their usual sidekicks, but at No. 8 Kitchen & Spirits in Amesbury, Massachusetts, things get a bit more creative.

The bread: A brioche roll is sizable enough to contain the other six elements of this behemoth.

The filling: Here's what the Dagwood currently contains: tempura-fried soft-shell crab, house-cured applewood-smoked bacon, bread-and-butter pickled onions, turmeric-pickled cucumbers, fennel slaw in a Sriracha aioli and Old Bay mayonnaise with chopped capers.

Taken together, they pile up for a beast of a sandwich worthy of the Dagwood name. Sure, we have a hard time imagining the sandwich's namesake breaking out the turmeric cucumbers or Sriracha aioli, but it's all about the spirit of the sandwich, right?