The new confection is 40 percent thinner than regular Reese's.
Reese's Thins
Credit: Courtesy of Reese's.

If you’re a fan of Reese’s, we’ve got big news—there’s a new peanut butter cup coming to town, and it’ll be available nationwide starting in March. Enter Reese’s Thins, which are 40 percent thinner than regular Reese’s cups, and come in both milk and dark chocolate flavors. Now, we know what you’re thinking: why would you want to scale back on chocolate and peanut butter when you can indulge in a full-sized Reese’s? But we’re here to tell you that the new Reese’s Thins are worth a try—and we taste-tested them to back it up.

I was a huge fan of the new Reese’s Thins since I usually find myself to be a one-and-done regular Reese’s consumer. The classic size tastes amazing, but the peanut butter is really filling, so having two feels like overkill. Reese’s Thins, on the other hand, are more equally balanced between chocolate and peanut butter, so I could easily see myself snacking on a few at a time. The dark chocolate flavor was my personal favorite, with a good balance of salty and sweet. Plus, while Reese’s Thins are individually wrapped like larger Reese’s, they don’t come with the signature brown paper wrapper on the inside, so kudos to Hershey's for cutting down on packaging.

Reese's Thins
Credit: Photo by Bridget Hallinan.

Other Food & Wine staffers definitely enjoyed the Reese’s Thins, but still felt that they preferred regular Reese’s. One editor said: “10/10 would eat the whole bag, but still prefer them with more peanut butter filling.” Another Reese’s loyalist said: “This is great, but it feels like more chocolate, less peanut butter.” There was, however, an overwhelming consensus that dark chocolate Reese’s Thins definitely beat out milk chocolate—in the words of one editor, “dark chocolate is good.” Take that as you will.

Once Reese’s Thins hit the shelves, they’ll be available in two different sizes: a 7.37-ounce "sharing" bag for $4.09, and a 3.1-ounce bag for $2.49. While you’re at the store, you’ll also find the new-and-improved Butterfinger, which just re-launched with a redesigned formula. Butterfinger 2.0 is sans hydrogenated oils and TBHQ, but also comes with an "upgraded" chocolate coating. Curious? You can read more about it here.