Reese's Is Putting Puffs Cereal Inside of Its Peanut Butter Cups

Reese's says it's the "most meta" candy they've ever created.

Reese’s Big Cup Stuffed with Reese’s Puffs Cereal
Photo: Courtesy of Reese’s

Let's be honest, breakfast cereals have long tasted like candy. Cocoa Puffs have been bringing chocolate to bowls since 1956. Lucky Charms has been giving the thumbs up to marshmallows at breakfast since 1964. A bigger innovation occurred when candy companies realized, hey, cereal already tastes like candy, so we might as well slap our name on cereal, too.

Along those lines, Reese's Puffs was launched in 1994 as a partnership with General Mills, bringing the brand behind Peanut Butter Cups to the cereal aisle for the first time. And today, Reese's has announced things are finally coming full circle. Reese's is putting its Peanut Butter Cup-inspired Puffs cereal into an actual Peanut Butter Cup to create a Peanut Butter Cup candy accentuated with Peanut Butter Cup-inspired cereal — a kind of infinite loop of peanut butter candy and cereal. Don't let it blow your mind!

Launching nationwide in November, this new candy mashup is a mouthful to eat and to say: Reese's Big Cup Stuffed with Reese's Puffs Cereal. Reese's admits it might be the "most meta" candy they've ever created — an extra thick Peanut Butter Cup where the peanut butter center has Reese's Puffs mixed in.

As a way of further patting themselves on the back, Reese's is billing the whole thing as a collab with themselves. "Collaborations are quite popular but what we are about to unleash is next level. We knew the ultimate mashup was already within the Reese's universe, so we made it happen," Henry Hancock, Reese's senior associate brand manager, stated in the announcement. "We're taking chocolate and peanut butter fandom to a new stratosphere by adding Reese's Puffs cereal to our Reese's Big Cup."

The forthcoming product doesn't come with a suggested retail price. Reese's simply notes that it is "at the sole discretion of the retailer."

And in their defense, how do you put a price on such an enigma? It's like trying to answer "What is the suggested retail price of one hand clapping?"

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