Hershey's, Reese's, peanut butter cup
Credit: © Hershey's

It’s been nearly six years since the movie Inception hit theaters, but apparently its impact is still being felt in the world of candy.

Hershey has launched a social media campaign teasing a new product rumored to be hitting shelves this July: a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup that is filled not just with peanut butter, but also with Reese’s Pieces. It’s Reese’s within Reese’s.

Though the actual Reese’s brand has been pretty subtle in their approach to teasing the news, peppering its Facebook feed with a number of silly graphics hinting at the possibility of combining their two best known products, a supposedly “leaked” photo of the actual packaging has also landed on the social network – racking up tens of thousands of shares and making the reality of such a product appear to be an inevitability.

“Would Reese's make consumer dreams come true and bring together two beloved favorites — Cups and Pieces — into one mind-blowing delicious cup of goodness?” a spokesperson told Eater while probably maniacally stroking a hairless cat. “You'll just have to keep watching as it unfolds!”

“Unfolds”? You’re shoving a candy inside another candy. It’s a one step process. There’s no “unfolding” about it. “Does one plus one equal two? You’ll just have to keep watching as the math unfolds!”

Now, what would really be interesting is seeing just how deep Reese’s could go. Why not something crazy like a tiny Cup inside a Piece inside a Cup inside a giant Piece? And then the big twist: It was all in ET’s imagination. Deep.