We tried Reese's new candy bar creation that won't hit stores until next year.
reeses halloween surprise
Credit: Courtesy of The Hershey Company

Reese's is, by many accounts, the gold standard of candy. The combination of peanut butter and milk chocolate in its original cup form seemed like a no-brainer, with salty, sweet, and nutty flavors melding into a perfect bite. Of course, since then there have been a few iterations of Reese's products, from cups to Pieces popularized by a famous film extra-terrestrial, to peanut-filled candy bars. But why let those individually delectable products stand alone? Earlier this year, Reese's put miniature Reese's Pieces candies inside of a mega peanut butter cup. Taking a cue from that mash-up, the brand's new Outrageous! bar replaces the nuts in its Nutrageous bar with, you guessed it, Reese's Pieces.

The new candy bar won't hit stores until the middle of next year, but samples are already making their way to a few lucky candy cravers' mouths. That includes residents of Halloween-obsessed Royal Oak, Michigan who, today, are getting a surprise taste test courtesy of Reese's. The brand is bringing the Outrageous! bar to Royal Oak's "Spooktacular" Halloween festivities and treating the town to 30,000 of the sweets. Throughout the past week, hints have been dropped around the city including a large countdown clock that ticked its way down to today's big reveal.

The Reese's Outrageous! countdown clock in Royal Oak, Michigan
The Reese's Outrageous! countdown clock in Royal Oak, Michigan.
| Credit: Courtesy of The Hershey Company

Courtesy of The Hershey Company

Another of the lucky early recipients is our team at Food & Wine. We tasted the Outrageous! bar ahead of its official announcement, and it was, suffice to say, an immediate hit. Comments in our office ranged from "eleven out of ten" to "it tastes like a handful of candy" (which is, somehow, not a expressed as a positive aspect) to "A++++" delivered à la the teacher in A Christmas Story.

Let's start from the inside out: the core of the bar is Reese's classic, salty peanut butter with a layer of caramel surrounding it. That's all enrobed by chocolate dotted with dozens of mini Reese's Pieces. The candy shells of the Pieces add an extra crunch without making the whole thing too crumbly. Perhaps most surprisingly, the Outrageous! bar is not all that sweet. It's definitely a peanut butter lover's candy.

A Reese's representative says the Outrageous! bars will hit stores in May of 2018 and will retail as single bar for $1.09, a king-size bar for $2.09, and by the bag for $3.89. The brand also plans more pre-lease events in the lead-up to the bar's official launch.