Bottles of The Pioneer Woman’s dressings, dips, barbecue sauces, and pasta sauces started hitting stores this month.

By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated April 26, 2019
Anna Kurzaeva/Getty Images / The Pioneer Woman

Ree Drummond is many things, most famously known as The Pioneer Woman for her eponymous TV series and cooking empire. But aside from her restaurant, books, and Food Network show, Drummond has found another way to bring her country-style fare to the dinner table with a new line of dressings, sauces, and dips in partnership with Kraft-Heinz. And yes, she made her own ranch dressing. (Two, in fact!)

Starting this week, shoppers can find bottles of The Pioneer Woman Frontier Ranch and Spicy Southwestern Ranch dressings (also labeled as dips) as well as jars of four barbecue sauces in Frontier, Apple Brown Sugar, Peach Whiskey, and Honey Habanero flavors. A line of five pasta sauces will debut in May 2019 in Italian Sausage & Peppers, Rustic Bolognese, Marinara, Four Cheese, and Garden Vegetable varieties.

My new ranch dressings, BBQ sauces, and pasta sauces are all inspired by the recipes I feed my family on the ranch. Flavor was very, very important to me and I worked very closely with the team of chefs at Kraft-Heinz to make sure my recipes translated to the bottles and jars,” Drummond said via a representative. “There was a lot of taste-testing along the way, and it was a really exciting process to get them to their final form!”

Given the ubiquity of ranch dressing (it's fashion, now), I also asked Drummond to explain what she thought the ranch market, in particular, was missing. “In the case of bottled ranch dressings, I was not a big fan of them to begin with so I had set a pretty high bar: The dressings had to be fresh, bright, and delicious, and I'm so pleased with where they have landed. I love them!

Drummond said the barbecue sauces were inspired by her personal recipes. “The BBQ sauce flavors reflect dishes I make in my own house---the Peach Whiskey flavor is modeled after my Peach Whiskey BBQ Chicken I've made for years. And I wanted to put the BBQ sauces in a jar instead of a bottle, to encourage folks to use them in their cooking in addition to using them as a sauce or condiment.”

We tried both ranch dressings and all of the barbecue sauces and found the Frontier Ranch to be a little on the sweeter side, but a solid table ranch. One writer commented that she appreciated the Spicy Southwestern's “hint of chipotle" without being too spicy.

As for the barbecue sauces, the Frontier was also a sweeter style of sauce, as were the Apple Brown Sugar (naturally, though it didn't quite ring as much apple flavor as expected), and the Peach Whiskey which was bright and fruity. The winner — what we'll call the most "slatherable" — in my book, was the Honey Habanero which delivered on that lingering spice you'd expect from the little orange peppers with enough smooth honey sweetness to mellow it out.

The Pioneer Woman dressings/dips retail for $3.29 and barbecue sauces are available for $2.99 at grocery stores nationwide. The pasta sauces will retail for $3.99. Drummond previously released a line of comfort at Walmart last year.