When will the madness end?   

By Caitlin Petreycik
January 15, 2019
Martin Steinthaler/Getty Images

We've all experienced (or at least seen) the odd restaurant meal served on a live edge wood slab for no reason, or looked at a towering, cake-topped Black Tap milkshake and thought, "the structural integrity, though." But have you ever been to an establishment where fried raviolis come out of the kitchen clipped to a washing line? Or where pasta is dished out on an iPad (pre-loaded with an image of a plate, of course)? The Reddit community r/WeWantPlates is devoted to chronicling inventive plating techniques gone awry (their bio: "We Want Plates crusades against serving food on bits of wood and roof tiles, chips in mugs and drinks in jam jars."). Here, we've rounded up a few of their best (slash worst) discoveries, in no particular order. 

A Sneaker Full of Cheese Balls 

Restaurant near my apartment in college served goat cheese balls in a converse shoe...now permanently closed. from r/WeWantPlates

The pink Converse sneaker stuffed with goat cheese balls really distracts from the second most confusing thing in this photo: the pickles on that pizza. 

Suspended Chicken 

Chicken caesar salad w/ aerial skewer banana rack. from r/WeWantPlates

Behold: grilled chicken strips, performing an aerial stunt above a Caesar salad. 

Taco Dustpans 

A friend of mine just posted this on his Instagram story: he was served food on a dustpan. from r/WeWantPlates

It's all about presentation. 

A Corn Dog Wreath 

Most expensive restaurant in town... from r/WeWantPlates

The most festive of meals. 

A Table on Top of a Table 

Meal for two & desert on a picnic table (got myself a plate) from r/WeWantPlates

Don't ask questions. 

Bacon in a Pinecone 

Burnt Bacon on a Pinecone from r/WeWantPlates

Pinecones are nature's bacon-holders.