Kids draw the darndest things.
Credit: Nakhorn Yuangkratoke / EyeEm/Getty Images

You can almost always count on Reddit to make you laugh—or squirm. And in a new Ask Reddit thread, which Grubstreet highlighted today, the forum does both, simultaneously.

The thread asks users—preferably servers who work or have worked in restaurants that give out crayons and coloring supplies to children—for the weirdest drawing they have even witnessed. Some replies are hilarious; others make you wonder.

Here are a few of our favorite funny, weird, and downright creepy responses.

1. “Kid about [five or six] drew a very detailed picture of [two] people having sex. Parents didn’t even acknowledge it.”

2. “My niece was always quite the drama queen. About [nine] years ago we were eating at a restaurant and I saw her drawing a lovely landscape. It was adorable watching her draw a sun wearing sunglasses, grass, flowers ... and a tombstone. Concerned, I asked what she was drawing. She said, ‘It is me. We waited so long here I died.’ She is an even more dramatic teenager now. Help me.”

3. “I once saw a kid draw a picture of their dad dead with a knife in his chest and them and their mom standing by the body smiling. It made me concerned about their home life.”

4. “The kids played one game of hangman. The stick figure was fully hanged, and the word they used was my first name. The face on the hanged man had eyes and a straight line for a mouth. It was [kind of] creepy.”

5. “When I was about [seven] I wrote my home phone number on the table because I thought the waitress was cute. She called the number thinking my dad wrote it (Note: don't know how she mixed up a seven-year-old's handwriting with [that of] a 40-year-old). My mom answered the phone and accused my dad of cheating. After hearing them yell at each other for a while, I finally told them the truth. Needless to say, they still laugh about it [and] at me to this day.”

6. “Seven or eight-year-old girl wrote, ‘I like my butt.’”

7. “The word ‘poop’ over and over.”

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