Reddit is Freaking Out Over this Genius Method for Reheating Pizza

Sick of soggy slices? This may be the solution.

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love leftover pizza with all of their heart (maybe even a little more than fresh pizza)? Because if there are, we haven’t met them yet. When it comes to leftover ‘za, the only debate we’ve ever had with our friends is whether or not it should be heated. Many folks are of the mindset that all leftover pizza should be eaten cold for the full, genuine, leftover experience. And besides, reheated pizza—which is often pathetically revived in a microwave oven—is usually soggy, chewy, and altogether unappetizing.

It seems you just can’t have your day-old pizza pie and eat it, too.

But after reading about a reheating method that recently went viral over on Reddit, even the most devoted cold-pizza lovers among us would agree: It sounds like it’s worth a try.

Reddit user KevlarYarmulke shared the easy-to-follow instructional guide for reheating pizza the right way, which they claim to have found on a take-out menu from Roberta's pizzeria in Brooklyn. The method is simple, and all you need is a slice of cold pizza, a skillet, a lid, and some water.

First, you cook the pizza in the skillet on medium-low heat for 2 minutes to get it nice and crispy again (and warm!). Next, you put two drops of water into the pan, not too close to the slice itself, reduce the heat to low and cover the skillet for one minute so that it gets steamy. This allows the cheese on top to melt a bit and become gooey.

As the second-to-last frame of the diagram explains, you should be left with melty cheese, a moist crust, and a crispy bottom.

We’re not sure who we’d rather give a Nobel Prize to: Roberta’s for coming up with this genius method in the first place, or Anthony Falco of Roberta's Pizza who illustrated it, or the Reddit user who shared it online for the good of humanity. Pizza knowledge is pizza power.

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