Red, White and Orange Wines

"Orange wines"—a current favorite of hipster sommeliers—are white wines that are kept at length on the grape skins as they are made. One result: their resistance to oxygen is increased, so they stay fresh longer when opened.

Red, White and Orange Wines

Uncorked Wines that Last:

10 Uncorked Wines that Won't Fade

10 Uncorked Wines that Won't Fade

Uncorked Wines that Last

How to Keep Open Bottles Fresh

The Box Wine Bonus

The Box-Wine Bonus

Orange Wines:

2007 Coenobium Rusticum ($35)

A blend of Trebbiano and other grapes from Italy's Lazio region, this exotic, honey-scented white is produced by Cistercian nuns, with help from consulting winemaker Giampiero Bea.

NV Camillo Donati Malvasia Seco ($21)

Hazy and pale orange in color, this dry sparkling white wine from central Italy's Emilia-Romagna region is crisp, incredibly refreshing and full of lively green-apple and citrus flavors.

2007 Movia Lunar ($44)

The most extreme of Slovenian winemaker Ales Kristancic's many extreme wines, this deep-orange-hued Ribolla Gialla is fermented and aged for seven months in barrels buried 30 feet underground. It's minerally and apple-inflected.

More Wine and Spirits Tips:

2007 Bodegas Caballo Listán Blanco ($18)

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