Democrats gather in Denver for the first of the 2008 election season’s two political conventions (Republicans will gather in Minneapolis-Saint Paul in September). Denver’s finest hotels and restaurants—and we here at F&W—are ready for them.

At the new Ritz-Carlton, Denver, chefs and bartenders have concocted everything from breakfast Obamalettes to shortbread cookies from Michelle Obama’s own recipe, and guests will have 24-hour access to blue M&M’s.

At popular Denver restaurants Rioja and Bistro Vendôme, chef Jennifer Jasinski has bartenders at the ready with an extensive politico drinks menu, including a Dean & Delicious: a mix of kaffir lime vodka and lychee and passion fruit juices in honor of the ebullient Democratic Party chairman.

Inspired by the ingenious ideas of Jasinski, Ritz-Carlton chefs Andrés Jiménez and Ben Davison, and bartender TJ Caulfield, F&W shares great drinks and dishes to suit every Democratic Party player.


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The DNC caught some flack for requesting that caterers serve dishes that include something red, yellow, green, blue or purple and white. A little over-the-top? Definitely. Fun and delicious? That, too.


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