Credit: © OREO (part of Mondelēz International, Inc.)

When rumors of Red Velvet Oreos began swirling on the Internet back in October, the news hit the public as such a delightful shock that many people were skeptical it was even real. In fact,—the website dedicated to proving rumors true or false—even has a Red Velvet Oreos article investigating the issue.

Well, worry no more. Nabisco has officially announced that the cake-inspired cookies will indeed be hitting store shelves—albeit for a limited time—starting on Feb. 2, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

According to Oreo, this launch marks the first time since 2004’s Golden Oreo that the brand has released a cookie featuring both a new flavor and a new color. Though ABC News got their hands on an early package of the forthcoming red velvet variety, and assuming their photos don’t need some drastic photo correction, the actual product appears significantly less red than it does on the packaging.

The flavor also received mixed reviews. One ABC reporter described the filling as creamier and sweeter than a normal Oreo but with “no taste of cream cheese” that we’ve come to expect from the icing on all our red velvet items.

But if you want to be your own Red Velvet Oreo taste tester, the company is encouraging people to go to, where 20,250 people will be randomly selected to be the first to try this latest take on the classic brand. Though some of us are still more excited about the Hydrox reboot.