Red Lobster Is Hiring a Chief Biscuit Officer—and It Could Be You

Finally, that degree you got in Cheddar Bay Biscuits may actually be worth something!

When a marketing gimmick works, everyone seems to jump on board. And one big trend we've seen recently are companies "hiring" people for cushy, not-particularly-official jobs will silly titles: whether it's Top Ramen's "Chief Noodle Officer" or Ninja's "Smoothie Bowl Sommelier" or B&M's "Chicken Nugget Connoisseur" (and yes, the list goes on).

Speaking of which, Red Lobster has proven they're not above jumping on a bandwagon. Just a couple weeks ago, the seafood chain was taking a stab at the "baked goods corsage" trend (yup, that's a thing) and encouraging everyone to make Cheddar Bay Biscuit boutonnieres. Now, in honor of National Biscuit Day on May 14, the brand has announced they're looking to make someone their first-ever "Chief Biscuit Officer."

cheddar bay biscuits
Red Lobster

To become this "CBO," you don't need any special skills. (Your parents were right when they told you not to get your B.A. in Cheesy Biscuits.) Instead, you simply have to enter the "Big Cheese" Biscuit Sweepstakes. The only qualification required is that you have to be a Gold or Platinum My Red Lobster Rewards member.

"We have a CEO and a CFO, but we felt it was time we introduced a Chief Biscuit Officer. We knew we had the perfect pool of candidates already: our biscuit-obsessed guests," Lillian Murphy, Red Lobster's vice president of customer experience and loyalty, said in announcing the position. "As an extra special thank you for the loyalty our guests have shown during this past year, we're excited to also be offering 500 free rewards as part of the 'Big Cheese' Biscuit Sweepstakes."

To clarify, 500 entrants will win smaller prizes, which Red Lobster describes as things like "Maine lobster tail or crab legs add-ons, appetizers, desserts, and of course, Cheddar Bay Biscuits—12 extra ones!" But there will only be one big winner—and beyond receiving the title of Chief Biscuit Officer for the entire year, they'll also receive perks including special VIP status at their favorite Red Lobster restaurant, the opportunity to weigh in on upcoming new dishes, $1,000 in My Red Lobster Rewards Gift Cards, and—as expected—extra Cheddar Bay Biscuits with their meals.

Entering is straightforward—even if you're not currently a rewards member. "Starting May 14, My Red Lobster Rewards app users will receive one free entry in their My Rewards wallet," Red Lobster explains. "Biscuit-lovers who aren't yet members or don't have the app can score an entry by downloading the free My Red Lobster Rewards app, available for iOS and Android, and completing a member profile. To enter the sweepstakes, My Red Lobster Rewards members must simply log into the app and submit the entry in their My Rewards wallet by June 4, 2021."

From there, Red Lobster says you can rack up further entries by eating at Red Lobster or ordering in through their website until May 28 and then submitting these additional entries in the app. So, even though the experience you gain eating at Red Lobster won't make you more qualified to become the Chief Biscuit Officer, it will earn you more entries to win the title. And let's be honest: Working your way up the corporate ladder is mostly just luck anyway, isn't it?

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