Don’t Panic! Cheddar Bay Biscuits Are Still Unlimited at Red Lobster

The seafood chain’s delivery policy caused some confusion about how the iconic biscuits are served when dining in.

Cheddar Bay Biscuits may be the most iconic opening salvo in the world of casual dining. Red Lobster’s basket of warm, cheesy baked treats is a great comforting starter—and equally comforting is knowing that the chain will continue bringing them out until you’ve had your fill. So when a rumor started over the weekend that Red Lobster would be cutting off customers’ biscuit supply, patrons had good reason to panic. But don’t worry: We’ve confirmed that unlimited Cheddar Bay Biscuits are not going anywhere.

Baskets of cheddar bay biscuits at Red Lobster
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Though the exact source of the misinformation isn’t clear, the cause of the confusion is. A handful of media outlets began reporting that Red Lobster would start limiting the number of Cheddar Bay Biscuits customers receive to two biscuits per entree. In an attempt to prove this policy change, readers were pointed to the Red Lobster online menu page which stated, “Every entree comes with two warm Cheddar Bay Biscuits!” However, here’s the mistake: Red Lobster has optimized its website for online ordering, so that message is only applicable for online orders. Consider these rumors a growing pain of the delivery craze. Of course, a delivery driver is unable to provide you with unlimited biscuits, so instead, Red Lobster provides two with each entrée instead.

“We want to set the record straight. Despite rumors to the contrary, Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits are in fact unlimited for our dine-in guests,” Red Lobster told me via email. “Obviously, due to the nature of To Go and delivery orders, there is a limit to how many we include in the bag, which is two per entrée with the option to add more to your order for a small fee.”

Specifically, extra Cheddar Bay Biscuits can be ordered by the dozen for $5.29 or half-dozen for $2.79, with prices potentially varying by location. But again, these charges are only for takeout orders. The biscuits are still on the house when you’re dining in.

The company explains that the two-biscuit policy is not a new policy—it’s always been the case for to-go orders—however, the recent confusion probably stems from the fact that Red Lobster reformatted its menu page (probably, ironically enough, to highlight that people get biscuits with their orders). A spokesperson told me that they’ll be updating the language on these menu pages to make it clear that the policy is only for to-go and delivery orders.

In the meantime, Red Lobster would like to remind the world that Cheddar Bay Biscuits have literally always been unlimited: That’s been the policy since they first debuted back in 1992. And the free biscuits aren’t going anywhere: Back in 2017, when the CBB celebrated its 25th anniversary, Red Lobster explained that they make nearly 1 million biscuits every single day. Sounds to me like limiting customer’s access to Cheddar Bay Biscuits would put a lot of people out of the job—so keep asking for more for the good of the biscuit economy.

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