By FWx Editors
Updated July 10, 2014
Courtesy of Hazelene

If you still aren’t watching SundanceTV's Rectify, what are you doing with your Thursday nights between 9 and 10? With brilliant intensity, the show continues to follow Daniel Holden as he attempts to resume an ordinary life in Georgia, after DNA evidence overturns his long prison sentence for a brutal murder. The series is well positioned in the golden age of television going on right now, but tonight Rectify joins the ranks of the best shows for a reason that transcends the stellar acting and directing—by rolling out its own food. Daniel’s sister Amantha finally hops on the hazelnut bandwagon with quite a few packs of the not-Nutella spread, Hazelene. Hopefully, we’ll get some real-life samples of Hazelene—as we did with South Park’s Cheesy Poofs—to snack on while we watch. We just uncovered its faux website.