I wish I was the one who was smart enough to think of recreating the Michael Phelps diet for a day. Or maybe I'm glad I wasn't. When my excellent colleague Emily Kaiser first blogged about Phelps's penchant for steak and pizza, I thought it sounded pretty easy and appealing. Then more details emerged. A typical Phelps breakfast starts with three mayo-slathered fried egg and cheese sandwiches and ends with three chocolate chip pancakes.Throughout the rest of the day, he consumes, among other things including that pizza, two pounds of pasta and a couple thousand calories worth of energy drinks. Even if I had thought about trying to eat 12,000 calories (in the heat of bathing suit season, no less), the menu would have stopped me cold. I dislike fried egg sandwiches and chocolate chip pancakes, and I hate energy drinks.

Someone was brave enough to try living large on Phelps's diet, though: Jon Henley of the UK's Guardian. I'll leave it to everyone to see how he did when we went pancake for pancake with the Olympic swimmer. But the details are pretty hilarious.