By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 26, 2016
© Rich Legg / Getty Images

Smuggling anything into the US from Central America is risky business, but some contraband is more egregious than others. Last week, a man who landed in Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport was busted after swinging for the fences – not with drugs or firearms – but by trying to sneak in five raw chickens… and a few packages of uncooked pork meat just for good measure.

Raw chicken is notorious for causing food illness, and according to NBC News, US Customs and Border Protection bars the entry of all uncooked poultry into the country when traveling, regardless of where it’s coming from. That said, my guess is that trying to bring in raw chicken from El Salvador, the origin of this meat, is going to send up a few extra red flags. No offense Central America, but I’ve heard stories.

Apparently, the man was busted after being asked if he had anything to declare and he told authorities that he had fried chicken in his luggage. Though maybe he thought this would give him a chance to blame the cook for not preparing his chicken right, his meats were nevertheless confiscated and destroyed.

For his trouble, the man received a $300 fine and a valuable lesson: If a CBP inspector asks you if you have anything to declare, you always say, “Who would be traveling with raw chicken meat? That’s just disgusting.” And then smile one of those non-lying smiles you’re not-so-good at.

[h/t Munchies]