By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 19, 2016

Who knew having the record for world’s longest pizza was such a coveted honor? When did long pizza even become a thing?? Regardless, less than a year after 60 pizza makers in Milan crushed the previous record for longest pizza by over 500 meters, they’ve already been put to shame by a group of 100 chefs in Naples who finally pushed the world’s longest pizza record to over a mile.

Back in June, Guinness World Records officials confirmed that a pizza made for Milan’s Expo 2015 had set a new length record at 1,595.45 meters, a number that left the massive pie just 45 feet short of a mile. But today the people at Guinness announced that a new pizza had already topped that record, coming in at 1,853.88 meters – or 1.15 miles long. The ridiculously long pizza, which stretched along the Naples coast, reportedly took 11 hours to make and used 2,000 kg of flour, 1,600 kg of tomatoes, 2,000 kg of fior di latte cheese and 200 liters of olive oil. The feat also required five specially constructed portable wood fire ovens to complete.

For the record, Naples and Milan are about 400 miles apart. So if you were like me and said, “If they had coordinated their efforts they could have had their two pizzas meet in the middle and doubled their record!” then unfortunately, you sound about as dumb as I did. But who knows. At the rate pizza length are increasing, maybe we will see a 400 mile long pizza in our lifetime. It would be like our generation’s moon landing!