By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 08, 2015

Earlier this year, some guy thought it would be funny to toss a tortilla onto a record player, piping in “The Mexican Hat Dance.” He was kind of right: The video “Limited edition tortilla vinyl” racked up over a million views.

But that video did something even cooler. It inspired one enterprising and tech-savvy person to see if it was possible to create an actual playable “tortilla record.”

“In a way, [the original video] mocks the emerging trend and resurgence of vinyl,” wrote user UpgradeTech on Instructables where the entire process is laid out for any lay person to try. “The video went viral and I wanted to see if I could actually make a tortilla record work without merely piping in some music in the background.”

The key to all this musical tortilla madness requires a bit of knowledge using a laser cutter, which can be harder to come by than Mexican food. UpgradeTech admits the he was granted “rather liberal use” of the one Fab Lab San Diego let him experiment on.

And if you do find a way to try this at home, also know that cutting a record into your tortilla will alter its taste. The final product is described as “edible, but tastes burnt.” But hey, if you like your burritos a little toasted, why not order your next one wrapped up in one of your favorite albums? Maybe some pollo wrapped in the “Chicken Dance”?