Novice cook Irma R. turns to F&W's Tina Ujlaki—part master cook, part Sherlock Holmes—to answer her kitchen questions.

Dear Tina,

I love fried foods, but I worry about how unhealthy deep-frying is. Is there any way to minimize the fat? Eagerly awaiting your reply. —Irma

Dear Irma,

As my favorite food scientist, Atlanta-based Shirley Corriher, points out, there is no way to eliminate fat from deep-frying, but there are ways to decrease the amount. First, Shirley suggests using oil with a high smoke point, like peanut oil or pure—not virgin—olive oil. And she discourages re-using the oil, as reheated oil tends to contain more free fattty acids. Finally she advises, shorten your frying time to minimize fat—steam or bake foods first, then fry them for less than an minute for a golden-brown finish. Hope that helps, Irma! —Tina