Credit: Courtesy of Think Tank Gallery

Ever crave cake so much you could eat a piece “the size of a house”? Well, this food art installation is what dreams are made of. The impressive "Break Bread” is a 7,000 square foot cake castle with six rooms. Housed at the Think Tank Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles, a gallery and social hub with the impressive mission statement, "We have an obligation to the people to expose them to dope shit, " cake is part of a 30-day exhibition. Also featured is an ice cream truck whose products are hyper-realistic watercolors, a Cirque Du Soleil themed bar, and more. Break Bread was created by Scott Hove, a self-taught installation artist from San Francisco, and Keith Magruder a.k.a. Baker's Son, an illustrator with a passion for food and sweets.

Careful though. While a castle made out of cake may sound like every child and daydreamer's dream come true, Break Bread is a little creepier than that. The rooms are decorated with cake-ified jaws of wild animals, a theatrical horror house, and even a very real shrine where someone was actually killed.

Still, Break Bread is ultimately about fun. The tagline "30 Days of arts, culture, and cuisine, set in a whimsical — yet twisted — Candyland" reminds us that it really is a surreal but wonderful sort of dream. In the spirit of art and fun, the castle will host such events as "The New Smoker Presents: Comedy, Cake + Cannabis" and improv show with group "Wet the Hippo", as well as a number of food and drink popups and a poetry event. Any event is at least ten times more awesome when it's housed inside a giant cake.