Bravo Launches 'The Real Housewives' Wine

Get ready to raise (or throw) a glass of The Real House Red, The Real House White, and The Real House Rosé.

The premiere of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake, the newest addition to the Real Housewives franchise, isn't for another three-ish weeks, which means there's still plenty of time to place an order for Bravo's just-released Real Housewives wine.

That's right, the network has partnered with Nocking Point Wines to create three wines inspired by the long-running show. The Washington state winery is taking pre-orders for The Real House Red, The Real House White and—you guessed it—The Real House Rosé. (The red is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, while the white is a Sauvignon Blanc.)

Real Housewives Wines

"We are excited to partner with Nocking Point for this special limited edition collaboration that will allow Bravo superfans to immerse themselves in the Bravo universe, engaging with us both on-screen and off," Maria Laino DeLuca, Senior Vice President of Consumer and Social Marketing at Bravo and Universal Kids, said in a statement. "This pairing celebrates the series and offers an escape in a year when we may not be able to engage with each other face-to-face."

The wines can be ordered directly from Nocking Point and are sold in two, three, six, or 12 bottle combinations. The Real House Red is $52 for two bottles, while the white and rosé are $48 each for a two-pack. A half-case features two bottles of each wine, and sells for $148. (Members of the Nocking Point wine club will get a further discount on their order.)

This is the first time that Bravo has released some Real Housewives-themed booze, although some of the show's previous stars have launched their own product lines. Bethenny Frankel was the first, with her incredibly lucrative Skinny Girl cocktails (she ultimately sold it to Jim Beam for an estimated $100 million). Lisa Vanderpump has her namesake Vanderpump Rosé; and Ramona Singer focused on Pinot Grigio with her Ramona label.

Nocking Point isn't new to the celebrity collaboration game either. They've previously worked with actor Jonathan Bennett on two Mean Girls-inspired wines and, earlier this year, they partnered with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis on their Quarantine Wine. (All of the profits from that release were donated to COVID-19 related charities.) It currently has wines that have been developed with professional wrestler Chris Jericho, former professional football player Tedy Bruschi, and actor Gennifer Goodwin.

But while some of those are out of left field, one could argue there's never been a more natural fit for a wine/pop culture collaboration that Real Housewives. Just try to avoid throwing it in your frenemy's face.

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