While I'm not sure how Disney/Pixar's latest animation, Ratatouille, will play out with kids when it opens in theaters tomorrow—can an evil restaurateur really be scary?—it's the type of film that could charm any musophobic food writer, or at the very least, anyone who has an inkling of a fascination with food.

I only knew the very basics of the film before joining F&W übereditor Kate Krader to the screening: that it was about a rat named Remy who wants to be a chef, and that star chef Thomas Keller has speaking lines (Kate and I sat straight up for that, fingers out of our buttered tubs of popcorn). Yes, it's all that, plus more: It's a paean to haute French cuisine with Cyrano de Bergerac undertones and near-to-life food renderings (I can still hear the crunch of the baguette that Colette squeezes). And its ultimate message, delivered in its own adorable way, is for pushing boundaries with food. Isn't that what the best chefs strive for?