Until now, Sterling Caviar’s Two Color Caviar could only be found at Benu in San Francisco.

At Benu in San Francisco, one of seven three-starred Michelin restaurants in California, chef Corey Lee serves a lauded $325 tasting menu. As caviar lovers may know, the restaurant is also the exclusive seller of Sterling Caviar’s Two Color Caviar, a rare, brownish green variety that’s known for being especially delicate.

The Two Color Caviar, made at Sterling’s sustainable white sturgeon farm in Northern California, is normally a limited production product. However, the company announced this week that it will be available outside of Benu for the first time ever, so the public can purchase it for the holidays. The combination of white sturgeon roe and salt lend the caviar a vegetal flavor profile with “minerality” and creamy undertones, according to the description—it also has a “firm to very firm” texture, and the pearls are considered large.

Sterling Caviar Two Color Caviar
Credit: Courtesy of Sterling Caviar

For those scrambling for last-minute Christmas gifts (with some money to spare), the caviar is available to order online in limited quantities' prices start at $128 for 30 grams, and then $260 for 50 grams, $619 for 125 grams, $1,218 for 250 grams, $2,417 for 500 grams, and a cool $4,793 for 1,000 grams. Note that Sterling Caviar only ships to the United States, but if you’re based in Europe, you can head to the EU site. The website recommends consuming the caviar within 24 hours of opening.

Once you get your caviar, there are plenty of ways to enjoy it. You can eat it plain, of course—we also like to load it onto potato chips with a generous dollop of crème fraîche, or add it to an extravagant four-layer dip with crisp red onions, creamy egg salad, and herbed cream cheese. The general consensus? A topping of caviar makes everything just a little bit better.