The Miami-based musician says he has enough cereal to last him two years.
Jim Jones cereal
Credit: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Over the weekend, rapper Jim Jones found himself in a tough spot: He revealed that he’s stuck at his Miami residence, and Hurricane Irma is en route. In a video he recorded at the time, he said that there were no more flights leaving Florida, and when he tried to leave on a private jet, he discovered there was no fuel available for the plane. He tried to drive out of Miami, but the roads were so packed that getting to Orlando alone would be a twelve-hour trip. So he decided to make the best situation, taking refuge in his home, with a two-year supply of—what else—cereal.

Jones, explaining his situation, said that he plans to “bunker down,” and hide in a room with no windows once the hurricane hits. On Saturday, when he recorded the video, Miami still looked clear and sunny; in fact, Jones said that he planned to take one last swim before Irma arrived.

He sounds admirably positive in the video, despite the fact that he finds himself trapped in the city. A smiling Jones reassures viewers that he went shopping like he would be in his house for two years and that he stocked up on perishables, fruit, and some of his favorite cereals, including Cap’n Crunch, Raisin Bran, Fruit Loops and Cheerios. Jones has a plan if the hurricane turns out to be less dangerous than he expects: “We’re just going to watch mother nature until it passes.”

Meanwhile, near Miami, passengers on Norwegian Cruise Lines are waiting out the storm onboard the cruise ship Escape, enjoying drinks and food and the run of the ship until they’re able to dock, probably tomorrow evening. As long as Jones stays safe—and everyone else in Florida, for that matter—in his home until the hurricane passes, we hope he enjoys his cereal.