Dreams really do come true.
ranch fountain
Credit: © Hidden Valley

Assuming those dreams involve ranch dressing.

In partnership with Flavour Gallery and in celebration of last week’s National Ranch Dressing Day (March 10, but I’m sure you already knew that), Hidden Valley has launched a line of ranch-inspired apparel and accessories.

Perfect for anyone who's thought about chugging the condiment straight from its source, the quirky collection includes clothing, cell phone cases, bags and perhaps the greatest gift of all: a ranch fountain.

At $100, the fountain essentially pays for itself. Not only do you get a year's supply (12, 36 oz. bottles) chicken wing accompaniment, but you'll also get a year's supply of friends. Because no matter what they might say, everyone is going to show up at your place to at least witness this thing’s existence.

If a fountain still doesn't satisfy your #ranchgoals, the online pop-up is also offering a limited edition, jewel encrusted bottle. At only $50, your love for the sauce will now be forever enshrined in the form of knock-off Swarovski crystals glued on a plastic bottle that you'll probably break open and finish within the first week.

Those who cook regularly with America's best-selling salad dressing can also win a year’s worth of the stuff by uploading pictures of all the ways they use it to Instagram and twitter with the hashtag "#RanchOutSweepstakes.” You can also win a weekend for four at an all-inclusive ranch resort. (Yeah, we don’t know what an all-inclusive ranch resort is either.)