Some of these sound delicious; some of these sound horrifying 
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Credit: Courtesy of Nissin Foods

Reddit may be the last place you go for culinary inspiration, but today, we implore you to check out a new lively AskReddit forum where users are sharing their favorite ways to spruce up instant noodles. If you don't eat ever instant noodles (we don't believe you), these suggestions from Reddit users on a recent thread may inspire you to give them another chance ... or to never look at ramen again.

Here, 20 hacks and add-ons that will give your ramen a makeover, for better or for worse. (Legal disclaimer: We have tested none of these, so experiment at your own risk.)

1. "Please tell me I'm not alone on this one: Cook the ramen, dump the water and add the seasoning with sour cream."

2. "I leave the water out. Eat the dry ramen with spices they come with like seasoned chips."

3. "Doritos, dude. Judge me all you want, but it's pretty darn good."

4. "I love boiling the cheapest, nastiest instant noodles in a frying pan, draining it and frying it up with leftovers from takeaways. I always order too much, just so I can reliably have lefties to make noodles out of."

5. "I just add kielbasa and Brussels sprouts to mine."

6. "I had a friend who went to prison, and he told me that they would make instant ramen burritos with crushed up jalapeno Cheetos."

7. "Ground peppercorn and a can of tuna in my ramen literally every day for lunch."

8. "Tajin (Mexican Chile/Lime Powder). Thank me later. I add this to beef, chicken and shrimp flavor. I also add cayenne pepper and black pepper. I know, I know...but I’m in too deep."

9. "Ginger, soy sauce and garlic."

10. "I pan-fry the ramen noodles as well, but most people don't have access to a pan, which is why you are eating ramen."

11. "Save a bit of uncooked ramen and sprinkle it on top of the cooked noodles."

12. "I make mine into hot and sour soup by adding soy, rice vinegar and Sriracha. If I have any mirin around, I'll add that too. Oh, and sesame oil."

13. "1/4 teaspoon of peanut butter and some chili flakes."

14. "A slice of cheese. It has to be Kraft singles or any processes cheese. Sounds nasty but it's so good."

15. "Oddly enough, the 'hot' sauce packets from Taco Bell."

16. "Frozen vegetables. Cook the ramen on the stovetop, then when it's almost done, throw in a handful of frozen veggies to steam in the broth. Add a dash of sriracha, maybe a fried egg and a slice of cheese."

17. "Parmesan cheese and butter. Drain off the water first, then keep on stirring that Parmesan until it's almost a sauce. Works best with a double dose of creamy chicken powder."

18. "Tomato juice and smoked sausage. It makes tomato soup basically."

19. "Here's the recipe. Get a paper bowl. Put the ramen in it. Cover with water. Add sauce packets. Add Worcestershire sauce, or soy sauce, or cashew juice, or passion fruit juice, or guava juice, or whatever the hell you want. Nuke for five minutes. Drain, probably by tilting the bowl into the sink using a fork to keep the pasta from falling out. Note: You can't do this step if you aren't using a paper bowl. Hell, you can't even get the bowl out of the microwave. You're screwed. Use the paper bowl. Now, add... whatever. Can of eel? Add. Nopalitos? Add. Half a jar of fermented tofu? A... wait, what? No! Only add a little bit of fermented tofu, dumbass! Like, two cubes tops! Fermented tofu is a a condiment, not a fucking main course! Anyway, hot dog? Add. Olives? Add. Caperberries? Add. Parmesan? Add. Maybe don't add all of those to the same pasta dish. But they all work pretty well."

20. "Velveeta."

All posts have been edited for length and clarity.