Ramen Beer Was Brewed With Actual Ramen Noodles

This brew combined the common college food groups: beer and ramen.

cup o beer ramen flavored beer
Photo: Courtesy of Dave Riddile / The Collective Brewing Project

Craving more ramen in the your beer? The folks over at the Texas-based Collective Brewing Project created a beer inspired by Nissin Cup Noodles – the kind that you probably ate by the boatload in college – called Cup O' Beer, as reported by Tasting Table.

The Collective Brewing Project was Forth Worth's "destination for funky and sour beer," and this concoction certainly fit into that category. The brewery didn't skimp on the ramen flavoring either: They brewed Cup O' Beer with 55 pounds of noodles, perhaps to help people get a strong aroma of nostalgia along with their drinks.

Cup O' Beer was a gose, which means it may have actually tasted good – not just been a gimmick.

Even if you didn't get a chance to taste Cup O' Beer, there are still plenty of weird beers out there you can get your hands on: Recently, a company called The Odin released a kit that would let you brew your own glow-in-the-dark beer brewing kit, and California's Stone brewery concocted a "toilet" beer made from recycled waste water. There's also a beer that was brewed with 30 lobsters.

Beer lovers seem to be the creative type, from trying brews made with interesting ingredients to staying in beer-themed hotel rooms.

The ramen beer only came in a limited release on June 10, 2017, when a 500-milliliter bottle cost just $7, and was apparently available to try out in the former Forth Worth draft room.

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