Finally combining your the college food groups: beer and ramen.
cup o beer ramen flavored beer
Credit: Courtesy of Dave Riddile / The Collective Brewing Project

Craving more ramen in the your beer? The folks over at the Texas-based Collective Brewing Project can help: They've created a beer inspired by Nissin Cup Noodles – the kind that you probably ate by the boatload in college – called Cup O' Beer, as reported by Tasting Table.

According to their website, the Collective Brewing Project is Forth Worth's "destination for funky and sour beer," and this new concoction certainly fits into that category.

The brewery didn't skimp on the ramen flavoring either: They brewed Cup O' Beer with 55 pounds of noodles, perhaps to help people get a strong aroma of nostalgia along with their drinks.

Cup O' Beer is a gose, which Vinepair describes as "lightly tart," with "hints of lemongrass, lime, ginger and coriander," meaning it might not just be novelty but there's a possibility it actually tastes good – although you'll have to try it yourself to be sure.

Even if you don't get a chance to taste Cup O' Beer, there are still plenty of weird beers out there you can get your hands on: Recently, a company called The Odin released a kit that would let you brew your own glow-in-the-dark beer brewing kit, and in March California's Stone brewery concocted a "toilet" beer made from recycled waste water. There's also a beer that was brewed with 30 lobsters.

Beer lovers seem to be the creative type: A probiotic beer might be hitting liquor store shelves soon, and of course there's this hotel in Ohio that features a hot tub filled with IPA.

The ramen beer only came in a limited release on June 10, when a 500-milliliter bottle cost just $7, but if you live in Texas or plan on stopping by soon it's apparently still available to try out in their Forth Worth draft room.

Gather up your former college roommates and head over – just leave the beer pong table and the textbooks at home.