The former food trend has an alternate use.

By Clara Olshansky
Updated June 09, 2017

Remember raindrop cakes? Those totally transparent cakes that look like a drop of water and taste like nothing at all? (They're made of agar agar, so even the word "cake" is dubious.) Turns out that they might be the perfect remedy for slippery fingers and the perfect preventative measure against cracked screens on our smartphones. As Brandon Baldwin, from YouTube channel GizmoSlip, discovered, you can drop a phone from 100 feet while it's nestled safely inside a raindrop cake, and the phone can still be functional. Okay, so you're probably not going to start encasing your phone in a raindrop cake before you leave the house every day, but still.

Of course, not all raindrop cake drops are created equal. For the drop, Baldwin flew the raindrop cake-encased cellphone up with a drone that dropped the phone from 100 feet in the air. Baldwin's first attempt at raindrop cake-style phone protection ended with an absolutely totaled, un-savable phone. The second try was more successful: not only did the phone survive, but also the moment that the cake hit the ground was weirdly beautiful. The Galaxy S8 that was encased within made it out without so much as a crack or a scratch.

Raindrop cakes became a thing in the U.S. in spring 2016, when advertising executive Darren Wong decided to try to replicate the cakes that he'd seen in articles from Japan. Since then, we've learned how to make them ourselves, we've gotten them delivered straight to our homes, and we've even seen raindrop cake cats that seem to defy physics. Still, we never thought that they'd become the future of cellphone protection.