Rachael Ray's '30 Minute Meals' Returns to TV

With over 300 episodes under her belt, Ray is ready to churn out 30 more.

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From 2001 to 2012, Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals was a staple of the Food Network before the host moved networks to helm her own daytime talk show. According to IMDB, the series aired 343 episodes — which you think would be enough quick-to-prepare meals to last viewers a lifetime seeing as it equated out to about one a day for an entire year. But apparently, hey, we eat three meals a day, so Ray decided, why not keep going?

Rachael Ray has announced the show that launched her career at the Food Network will be returning to the cable channel on April 1 (hopefully no joke) for 30 new episodes. "It's going to have all the cool vibe that we had back in the day, but it's going to be for a whole new generation," she said announcing the return on Instagram. "It's fun, fresh food you've never seen on the daytime show, and you certainly never saw in all of the more than, what, 15 years we did them on Food Network." Yeah, the show was on for so long, even Ray lost track.

Speaking of changing with the times, in the new iteration, Food Network is also promising a massive digital component as well — including an online companion show hosted by Ray herself with more cooking content. "I couldn't be more excited," Ray said according to Variety. "We are rolling deep this time around, proving to everyone that, yes, these are really meals you can cook in 30 minutes or less. And our show will now be part of Food Network's on-demand offering, so our friends can actually binge-watch their meals."

So to summarize, you can now waste tons of time by binge-watching a show to help you save time cooking meals. This is the perfect show for a new generation!

Food Network President Courtney White chimed in as well. "Rachael Ray is a culinary firebrand as evidenced by her success across her television shows, magazine, books, live events, philanthropy, and all of her businesses," she said. "Her time-saving and creative ideas for whipping up delicious meals at home are perfect for the home cook of any level, while her infectious energy and enthusiasm make viewers feel like they are right there cooking along with her in the kitchen."

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