Bottles will be handed out to the owners of winning horse at Lingfield Park.
Credit: Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

If you ever lose so much money at the track that you decide to hit the bottle, an English company has created the perfect gin for you: The Surry-based distillery The Gin Kitchen has created Lovely Lingfield Gin — a booze that uses actual turf from the Lingfield Park racetrack as one of its botanicals.

In the gin's defense, this new horseracing-themed tipple isn't meant to drown gambler's sorrows. Quite the opposite actually: Lovely Lingfield Gin has reportedly been made exclusively for the track, and porcelain bottles of the spirit — along with two branded Lingfield Park Resort gin glasses — will be given out to the owners of winning horses in lieu of a trophy. However, the gin will still be served at the bars on site so visitors can try its unique mix of botanicals sourced from the park itself that include Bramley apples, lavender, rosehip, lemon mint, and, yes, turf pulled right from the track itself.

But do you really want turf in your gin and tonic? Kate Gregory, a co-founder of The Gin Kitchen, seemed very enthusiastic about the odd ingredient. "We're thrilled with the results; we've never used turf before but loved the idea," she said according to The Drinks Business. "We had no idea how good it would taste!" Let's just be thankful no one suggested the idea of using any ingredients that came from a horse!

Meanwhile, George Hill, the clerk at Lingfield Park, was excited to have something so interesting to present to the owners of victorious ponies. "We wanted to make winning at Lingfield a bit different considering we're one of the busiest in Europe," he said. Yes, congratulations, here's some gin made with stuff we found lying around the racetrack, like, you know, grass or whatever… Much better than a shiny trophy, am I right?