There’s a reason the Rabbit is one of our favorite wine openers.

By Katie Macdonald
Updated October 04, 2019
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VIP Special Edition Manual Corkscrew Set Lead
Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom

To be honest, when you’re ready for a glass of wine, there’s no wrong way to get a cork out of the bottle (shoe method, anyone?). But when we tried out more than a dozen corkscrews in our quest to find the best, our diligent tester kept a few things in mind:

“Do I easily get the gist of how this device works, simply by looking at it?” she asked. “Is it cumbersome or awkward to wield? Does it have a comfortable grip? Can it successfully execute all steps involved, or are additional parts required? How smoothly does it extract, and does it inflict any noticeable damage to the cork in the process? How long does it take me to open the bottle?”

Not every tool measured up, but one of our absolute favorites was the Vertical Rabbit. Its award-winning design features a simple up-down lever that eliminates the need for manual worm-twisting and opens bottles in a matter of seconds. Plus, it has an ergonomically-designed grip and ejects corks easily.

And if you don’t already own a Rabbit corkscrew, now is the best time to snag on for yourself or a friend: Rabbit’s VIP Special Edition Manual Corkscrew Set is on sale for 40 percent off at Nordstrom.

VIP Special Edition Manual Corkscrew Set
Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom

To buy: $75 (originally $125);

The set includes a luxe version of the Vertical Rabbit, made with a die-cast metal body and finished in striking chrome plating, as well as a polished chrome foil cutter and extra spiral. It’s packaged in a genuine leather and chrome presentation case, so if you want to gift it to your favorite wine lover or party host this holiday season, all you have to do is throw on a bow.

While the innovative wine opener typically retails for $125, you can get it now for just $75 — but we’d suggest you hop to it. A deal this good won’t last long!