By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 19, 2016
Credit: © Amy Erickson/Oh, Bite It!

From Brooklyn’s Rainbow Bagels to Hong Kong’s Rainbow Grilled Cheeses, rainbow foods have been one of 2016’s hottest trends. (I’m not saying it’s giving me any confidence in 2016 as an exceptional culinary year; I’m just saying that’s the trend.) Now, if you’re looking to bring the rainbow trend into your own kitchen, the always on-trend blog Oh Bite It has got you covered, unveiling a super easy recipe for making Rainbow Pizza at home.

Oh Bite It’s Amy Erickson believes the path to a “psychedelic, unicorn-ish slice” should be a straightforward one, so she demonstrates how to bring crazy colorful swirls to your cheese with the help of that old kitchen standard: food coloring. In fact, Erickson’s whole approach is very beginner friendly, utilizing pre-packaged pizza dough and pre-made pizza sauce. Not to say that you couldn’t delve into making these ingredients yourself with recipes found elsewhere, but that for her recipe, making rainbow pizza is all about the artistry. “Forget wrestling a bunch of dough to get this rainbow beauty into your mouth, in a matter of minutes and some simple swirls, you’re in beautifully bright business,” she writes.

Exactly, cooking doesn’t always have to be about unleashing your inner Michelin-star chef; sometimes it can be about unleashing your inner psychedelic artist. When you’re turning any food into a rainbow, isn’t that really the most important part?