The Mexican fast food chain’s version of beer pong played with queso has taken Facebook by storm.
queso pong
Credit: Courtesy of Del Taco

Who says great ideas can’t come from Facebook? Del Taco recently got such a positive response from a humorous 15-second clip it posted to its Facebook page that the Mexican fast food chain has been inspired to release an entirely new product… “Queso Pong.” As you can probably assume (but may not want to assume) that’s basically beer pong played with melted cheese. And thankfully for the health of the nation, Del Taco is only planning on releasing its Queso Pong packs on an extremely limited basis.

The ballad of Queso Pong began on October 21 when, as many brands regularly do, Del Taco posted a silly marketing video to social media in the hopes of getting some viral attention. The company’s clip: Ten red Solo cups filled with the brand’s new queso that was released earlier this year (during the famed fast food queso wars).

“Who’s got the next round of queso pong?” the post joked. Nearly 10 million views, over 75,000 shares and almost 100,000 comments later, Del Taco realized it had caught a bit of the current zeitgeist – and the taco chain has decided to act fast.

Starting this Friday, November 10 at 8 p.m., a single Del Taco location at 11066 Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angles near the campus of UCLA (of course) will be offering a limit number of 20 official Queso Pong packs… for free while the short supply lasts. Each pong pack will “include enough Queso to fill 12 Del Taco branded cups most of the way, a rules sheet, a giant bag of chips, and of course, a handy pack to haul it,” according to a spokesperson.

Though new ideas in the glutted world of social media can be hard to come by, Del Taco really has seemed to find something unique here. Though the two word idea of “queso pong” is clear and simple, the phrase has rarely been used before. Google only shows a little over 1,000 search results, pretty much all of which are about Del Taco, and on Twitter, where, like a million monkeys on a million typewriters, everything has been said, “queso pong” only appeared in nine tweets before Del Taco introduced the idea last month. So it’s certainly a marketing coup for the brand: It’ll be even better for them if customers start buying 16-ounce cups of queso by the 20-pack.