Nor should she.

Queen Elizabeth II loves cake
Credit: © Leon Neal / Getty Images

Long live the Queen and long live her impeccable taste in dessert.

In an interview with Recipes Plus, royal chef Darren McGrady, who cooked at Buckingham and Kensington Palaces for over 15 years, reveals that Her Majesty is particularly fond of chocolate biscuit cake. In fact, like the Queen's adorable corgis, it essentially travels with her wherever she goes.

"She'll take a small slice every day until eventually there is only one tiny piece, but you have to send that up, she wants to finish the whole of that cake ," McGrady divulged, confirming that even a small leftover slice would accompany a senior chef during trips near and far. "The chocolate biscuit cake is the only cake that goes back again and again and again everyday until it's all gone ."

This certainly reaffirms her position as the people's queen (because frankly, who doesn't love chocolate cake?), but outside the dessert realm there is one major ingredient that Queen Elizabeth II despises: garlic.

"We can never serve anything with garlic or too much onions," McGrady said.

Perhaps it's the bulb's unfortunate effect on Her Majesty's breath (she does talk to a lot of people), but a hand-tossed Caesar salad or Margherita pizza are absolutely worth the consequences. In fact, we can't really imagine a life, no matter how glamorous or over-the-top, without them. Garlic is used in so many different types of cooking and being denied of its tastiness may not be worth the sacrifice.

But everyone is entitled to a mistake now and then, and hey, that cake does sound pretty good.