After 20 hours of testing, the Pyrex Basics pie plate is a clear winner.

By Katie Macdonald
Updated September 12, 2019
Dulin / Getty Images

Whether you’re a novice still perfecting a lattice crust or pro churning out dozens of apple, pumpkin, and lemon meringue masterpieces, you need the right tools. And the foundation for golden, flaky pie crusts is a quality pie dish.

But finding the right one isn’t as easy as, er, pie. Dishes come in dozens of styles and materials, from flimsy aluminum to bespoke stoneware, making it a challenge to know which one will guarantee pie perfection. Which is why earlier this year, we asked some of our favorite bakers to share their favorite pie dishes, then tested nine of their top picks.

After 20 hours of rigorous rolling, crimping, and baking, we crowned the Pyrex Basics 9-Inch Pie Plate our absolute favorite. And right now, you can snag one of your own for 54 percent off.

Made from durable, dependable Pyrex glass, the plate is a great learning tool. It distributes heat evenly and slowly so the pastry and filling can cook at the same rate, plus its clear material lets you see when your bottom is browned and firm.

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Buy it: $12 (originally $26);

“In a win for value and a victory of function over form, the most inexpensive and arguably simplest pie dish we tested turned out to be our consistent favorite,” writes Sarah Karnasiewicz in our test.

At 1 ½-inches deep, the Pyrex Basic plate is shallower than some other dishes we tested, but it was fully capable of containing the fillings of a classic apple pie as well as Libby’s pumpkin pie. In fact, some reviewers on Amazon describe its depth as a plus.

“I’d call this, your average-sized pie, one that most recipes would use,” writes one customer. “Actually, just a touch less deep, which is good because then you’ll have well-filled pies! I love this plate and use it all the time.”

Our testers also appreciated the Pyrex’s unfussy design, which lets your delicious pie take center stage.

“Slices of pie came out of the dish cleanly, making serving neat and stress-free, and we never had to worry about scratching the durable surface with sharp knives,” Karnasiewicz writes. “The dish's thin, unadorned lip allowed for flexibility when finishing off the crusts, and looked equally lovely whether we decorated the edges with a fork crimp or finger fluting.”

We noted in our test that the Pyrex Basics plate is already affordable (some high-end ceramic plates retail for as much as $30), but right now you can save even more. It’s just $12 on Amazon — but we don’t know how long the discount will last. Add it to your cart now, and your perfect bake won’t just be a pie in the sky.