Credit: © Karen Zack | @teenybiscuit

Any dog owner will admit that at one time or another we have uttered the phrase, “you’re so cute I could eat you.” Don’t be embarrassed; we know you’ve said it. But everyone knows dogs aren't really meant for eating unless you're exploring the Oregon Territory in the 1800s or something. However the line between adorable and delectable gets a little blurry when you start putting animals and their food look-alike counterparts side by side. It gets confusing to tell the difference, and proving that fact are these tweets from @teenybiscuit (great handle, btw) who has so far found some weirdly appropriate creature/cuisine pairs that, when viewed as tiled images, will make you look twice, three times, however many passes it takes to convince yourself you're looking at a puppy and not a delicious bagel.

"I've been making these animal/food comparison tweets for a while. After the first one my brain just kept looking for possible matches," Karen Zack, a Portland resident and now, it seems, professional meme creator tells FWx. "I travel a lot and it's usually then when I have the time to sit and create an album." While playing visual tricks on our eyes isn't the sole purpose of Zack's Twitter account, she says the future does look good for more of these uncanny correlations making their way into her feed. "I'm glad people seem to enjoy them so much. It's fun and I have more on the way."

Take a look below, and you'll never see fried chicken the same way again.

Labradoodle or Fried Chicken?

Chihuahua or Muffin?

Shrew or Kiwi?

Duckling or Plantain?

Puppy or Bagel?