Prepare to wield unlimited pumpkin spice power.
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pumpkin spice spray
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

We don't have to sit here and talk about pumpkin spice mania. If you're reading Food & Wine without a thorough understanding of America's annual autumn obsession, here's a personal welcome back from your decade-long bout of amnesia. But though pretty much every brand on the market has come up with a way to make every type of product imaginable pumpkin-spiced, it's possible another threshold has just been crossed: You can now buy spray-on pumpkin spice extract, allowing you to instantly turn anything edible into its pumpkin-spiced alter ego.

Simply Beyond is a brand that specializes in spray-on herbs and spices—ostensibly offering a quick and easy alternative to sprinkling on herbs and spices the old fashioned way. (On its website, the company even suggests spray-ons work well if "someone didn't like the sight" of an herb—which sounds more like a reason to find better dinner guests.) Though Simply Beyond offers a wide range of these sprayable flavors from basil to gingerbread, this time of year, the fact that they now offer a pumpkin spice spray is clearly the show stealer. A 3-ounce bottle of this organic, eco-friendly, non-aerosol product will set you back $7.53 plus shipping. It's a small price to pay to yield such unlimited power.

But what does this spray actually taste like? The Daily Meal gave it a test run last month, dubbing the product "bizarre" and writing that it "was immediately more reminiscent of those candles found in a home décor store during the holiday season." Admittedly, this isn't the first time the pumpkin spice has popped up in a spray bottle; however, that previous incarnation was in the form of a sprayable scent from Glade—not something that's meant to be added to your food. Maybe that's where sprayable pumpkin scents should stay?

Still, for people who like pumpkin spice, the ability to instantly turn anything into a pumpkin-spiced seasonal offering might just be too intriguing to pass up. Why let some corporate marketing team have all the fun when you can just pumpkin spice everything yourself?