If you thought pumpkin spice-flavored food couldn't get any weirder, you were wrong. 


Just when it seems as though we have seen it all—pumpkin spice butter, pumpkin spice deodorant, pumpkin spice scent you can spray to make your entire life smell like pumpkin spice—some new company comes up another pumpkin spice product that somehow outdoes the last one. This time, it comes from the chain Villa Italian Kitchens—the mad geniuses behind this bikini made from pizza—which will soon drop pumpkin spice pizza.

Is this peak pumpkin spice? Have we finally reached, at long last, the climax of this trend? Who knows! There are still three months left of the fall season. For a food trend that has seemed to cause so much cultural derision—even Martha Stewart has spoken out against pumpkin spice—it just won’t seem to go away. But maybe that’s a good thing. Take this pizza: It combines two near-perfect comfort foods—pumpkin pie and pizza—and brings them together. What could go wrong?

Here’s how Villa Italian Kitchens pulled off creating its pumpkin spice pizza: “Pumpkin pie filling, loaded with spicy notes of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon, is spread across each crust before being piled with 100% whole-milk mozzarella and baked to golden-brown perfection. Additional dollops of pumpkin pie filling are added on top of the melty cheese,” the chain explained in a statement.

The pizza launches at all 230 locations of Villa Italian Kitchens on Friday, September 22, at which point you’ll be able to try it; just try not to judge the pizza until you’d experienced a slice for yourself. Most people will probably either love it or hate it; there probably won’t be any in-between opinions on this. In the meantime, we will be watching out for whatever pumpkin spice-infused food comes out next. Pumpkin spice burgers? Pumpkin spice pickles? A pumpkin spice-flavored pumpkin? At this point in the season, anything is possible.