By Joey Skladany
Updated August 30, 2016
Grand Hyatt Tokyo, pumpkin burger
Credit: © Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Whether you like it or not, pumpkin season is officially upon us. And with pumpkin spice season comes great culinary creativity (or questionable gimmicks).

If you find yourself in Tokyo and have a hankering for the orange gourd, you’ll want to take a pit stop at the Grand Hyatt. The team behind The Oak Door will be offering a special pumpkin burger to welcome the fall season.

So what makes their take on a tried-and-true classic so special? Its pumpkin-shaped bun made with pumpkin puree is, admittedly, adorable. Sure, it's no Cronut, but the innovative take on bread lends itself well to a beef patty, Spanish ham, Gruyere cheese and thin slice of pumpkin to top it off.

If pumpkin anything doesn't excite you, the establishment will also be offering spooky syringed cocktails in skull glasses, which is something we can all get behind as Halloween gets a bit closer. Does this mean summer is officially over? We got an autumn chill just thinking about it!