© kate krader
Nate Appleman Takes a Break from Pizzas to Focus on Strip Steaks.I’m not sure if we’ll ever see an old school McDonald’s-style sign—"1 Billion Served"—erected on the Bowery. But the number of crisp-crusted pizzas that Nate Appleman and his team have sold at the eight-week-old Pulino’s in downtown NYC are pretty staggering: specifically, 27,000. And that’s just the number they’ve sold. The number they’ve made, Appleman says, is much higher. Margheritas are the top sellers—on Saturday, when they sold 671 pizzas (a record to date), 176 of them were Margheritas. (Me, I had two pies as part the record-breaking night: the Salsiccia with sausage, tomato and broccoli rabe; and one topped with vibrant pesto, which is my favorite.) In spite of the pizza onslaught, Appleman remains meat-obsessed—because he buys whole cows for butchering, there’s always a steak on his daily specials, and it’s usually bone-in. And the burgers he serves after midnight won’t ever outsell the pizzas—after all, he only offers 30 of them a night.