This Pub Chain Is Hiring a Potato Taste-Tester to Help Perfect Its Side Dishes

Technically, the job listing is for a "pro-tato tester."

If you think you know your potatoes — especially if you know what turns a good roasted root veggie into a great one — then a British gastropub would like to hire you for your expertise. The Botanist, which has more than 20 restaurants scattered throughout England, is looking for a potato tester to help it perfect one of the crucial parts of its Sunday roast menu.

"Can you appreciate a good roast potato?" The Botanist asked on its Instagram account. "If you know what makes a special spud or a how-to build roast worth a boast, then we have got the perfect weekend job for you! We're on the hunt for a paid roast reviewer who will make sure our new sharing roast is always share-worthy!"

The Botanist is currently accepting applications for the "pro-tato tester" role, and interested candidates can submit their info online. (Those who are into the idea will also need to write 500-ish words about why they think they could excel in the position.) Whoever is selected for the gig will be allowed to bring five friends to a special tasting session on Sunday, September 19, and they'll be paid £500 ($690) for their time. On top of that, they'll get to swing into their local Botanist every month for a complimentary Unlimited roast for two.

This isn't the first time The Botanist has turned to locals to provide (paid) feedback on its menu offerings. In 2018, the chef at The Botanist Trinity in Leeds posted a listing for a Yorkshire pudding tester. "There's tough competition for the Best Sunday lunch in Leeds, but I reckon my Yorkshire puds are the best in the country,' wrote Chef Sebastian. "I'm looking for someone to visit The Botanist Trinity and give my team and I some honest face-to-face feedback, the kind you only get from Yorkshire folk!"

Interested applicants were told to send Sebastian the story of their "most memorable roast dinner," and whoever's story made the selection team "laugh or cry" was asked to attend a Yorkshire pudding tasting session at The Botanist Trinity. The restaurant also paid them £250 ($344) for their time.

If you know your way around a roast dinner — and happen to be in England right now — The Botanist is accepting Protato Tester applications through Sunday, September 12. We've gotta say, banking almost $700 and getting your fill of Sunday roast side-dishes sounds like an absolute dream job.

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