The baking competition's judge blames a confusing time difference on the early reveal (but you won't find any spoilers here).
Credit: Guillem Lopez / Getty Images

One of the most appealing aspects of a cooking competition like the Great British Bake Off is the suspense. Sure, there are the goofy antics of the judges and the beautiful baked goods that get crafted under the tent each week, but it’s the characters that pull you in. You get invested in their success, and their failures can seem like a tragedy. Unfortunately, Prue Leith just snatched away that final moment of satisfaction—when the show crowns its winner—by accidentally revealing the name of the last baker standing on Twitter.

This morning, Leith took to Twitter to congratulate the competition’s winner, the BBC reports, even though the final episode has not yet aired on Channel 4. She quickly deleted the incriminating tweet (which you can read here if you want the spoiler), but what happens on the internet lives forever. Fans caught wind of the early reveal and began to fume.

Leith sent another tweet apologizing to fans of the show for her mistake, saying she felt “mortified.” The reason for the accidental spoilers? Leith is currently in Bhutan, which is six hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. She seemed to not understand that Twitter users would see her tweet early.

“The time difference is massive," she explained to the Press Association. "I thought that they got it six hours ago."

Channel Four gave a much colder response, saying only “Prue has just tweeted an apology to fans. We have no further comment."

The winner was supposed to be revealed on tonight’s season finale, with three final bakers competing for the crown.

So many questions remain: Why doesn’t she have a social media manager? Why are celebrities so bad at using Twitter? Will Channel 4 take away her phone next season? No matter why the tweet got out, fans are not happy, and for good reason. Some are really missing Mary Berry right now.