A healthier take on the childhood favorite? Yes, please.

Rebekah Lowin
May 24, 2017

This might just be the one scenario in which we wouldn't offer the old "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" advice. 

A new "Crispy Marshmallow Treats" product, manufactured by a brand called Enlightened, has just hit the market...and while it's a lot like the Rice Krispies Treats we know and love, it's bigger, made with brown rice, and fortified with 15 grams of protein. You could argue, then, that it's sort of like a Rice Krispies Treat protein bar. It's gluten free, and it's high in fiber, too. According to the packaging, it's also made without GMOs.

Pretty genius, right?

The news comes to us from snack sleuthing Instagrammer @junkbanter, who commented on the new candy bar in a series of photos posted to the account Tuesday.

"An innovative new product launch from @eatenlightened are these new Crispy Marshmallow Treats!" our partner in snacking crime captioned the photos, which showcase the surprisingly large treats nestled in the palm of his (or her?) hand. "These come in four flavors (swipe left): Birthday Cake, Double Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon, and Original."

The Instagrammer apparently came across the surprising bars at the Sweets & Snacks Expo, which is taking place from May 23-25 in Chicago, and he offered some additional thoughts about the nutritional make-up and size of the bars: "Made with brown rice, the sample nutrition on the original is 270 cals, 15P/48C/3.5F with 9g fiber with 9g sugar (they're enormous also)."

Sadly, he didn't get a chance to try them ("I'm too full from eating mountains of candy all day") or figure out when and where they'll be sold ("Not sure when and where these will be sold"), which means we'll have to wait and see whether these show up at a store near us anytime soon and find out for ourselves.

Until then, we can always try upping our Rice Krispies Treat game at home.