Have your Prosecco and eat it, too. 

By Maria Yagoda
Updated October 30, 2018

Have you ever found yourself eating dessert and thinking, "This is delicious, but it lacks sparkling wine?" Well, you are in luck. Just in time for the holidays, the age-old dilemma of boozeless pie has been solved. Salted Caramel Prosecco Pie, a collaboration between RUFFINO Wines and the Little Pie Company, launches on November 5, bringing sparkling wine-packed pie to the masses.

RUFFINO Salted Caramel Prosecco Pie
Credit: Margarita Garcia

The limited-edition pie is inspired by two of Prosecco's most prominent notes—apple and citrus—while also including actual Prosecco. The dessert is baked with apple, brown sugar, and salted caramel, too, making it appropriately Thanksgiving-y. You can opt for the ten-inch pies—say, for a family gathering—or the five-inch personal pies, which would pair adorably with a mini Prosecco bottle, for a night in bed watching Halloweentown, Halloweentown 2: Kalabar's Revenge, and Halloweentown High.

RUFFINO Salted Caramel Prosecco Pie
Credit: Margarita Garcia

Of course, people have been putting effervescent booze in pie for centuries, but typically in savory contexts, like in this Cheese, Ale, and Potato pie that you should definitely make. And we love a good Prosecco-and-sorbetto concoction. But Prosecco in pie? This is new to us. (Though someone appears to have made a Prosecco mince pie in 2016.)

If you're turned off by gimmick-y desserts (they can get absurd...), you should know that Little Pie Company is absolutely legit. The Theater District bakery has been open for 33 years, making some of the city's best pies and offering refuge for people who have an hour to kill in the vicinity of Port Authority.

For the more traditionally minded, Little Pie Company sells a killer sour cream apple walnut pie that is one of our favorites to order for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or really any cold weather snacking occasion.

The limited-edition Prosecco pies will be available from November 5 to December 31 at New York's Little Pie Company (424 W 43rd St.) or online here; the pies ship nationwide. Ten-inch pies are $35, and personal five-inch pies are $9.50.