Its secret? An unassuming terra cotta disc.
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Brown sugar, with its rich molasses flavor, is one of the most indispensable ingredients, found in everything from brownies and chocolate chip cookies to glazed hams and bacon vinaigrettes. However, its natural moisture dissipates over time, hardening into something that resembles a cinder block after a while in the kitchen cabinet and leading frustrated bakers to toss out what was once a perfectly good bag.

To avoid such a problem, Amazon shoppers have been turning to Progressive’s Brown Sugar Storage Container, which is designed to keep brown sugar from drying out. What differentiates it from other air-tight containers is the included small round terra cotta disc, which users dip in water and place on top of the brown sugar.

Progressive Brown Sugar Storage Container Clear Tout
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

The science behind it is incredibly simple: The wet terra cotta disc slowly releases moisture into the sugar over time, preventing it from drying up into a hardened lump. Bakers only have to be mindful to re-moisten the disc when the brown sugar starts to look dry. If you’re using the container for something other than brown sugar, store the dry disc within the lid and use the container’s 1.5-quart capacity to hold any other ingredients, like rice or flour.

Progressive Brown Sugar Container
Credit: Amazon

Shoppers have been raving about how simple of a solution this container is to their common baking woes. “I love to bake, which necessitates having brown sugar on hand,” wrote a reviewer. “I would often just insert a damp paper towel to soften, but you run the risk that you're going to get mold when you do that. This container worked perfectly—dampen the terra cotta coin, and it stays firmly intact, does not contact the sugar directly, and keeps the area sufficiently humidified so that the sugar stays appropriately soft for use.”

Another added, “I love this container! I put brown sugar that had gone hard in it, and overnight it was soft and usable again.”

You can get the container below and on Amazon, and at only $6 right now (it’s currently 57% off), there’s no better time to pick up one—or several—of these handy brown sugar containers for occasional and frequent bakers alike.

Progressive Brown Sugar Storage Container Clear
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: $6 (originally $13);