The famous restaurant is trying to give back to the Mexican people. 

By Elisabeth Sherman
May 01, 2017
© Jason Loucas Photography

The much-celebrated Noma: Mexico pop-up announced that it will use it’s popularity for a good cause: $90 of the new bar’s $100 menu—which you can get starting May 3—will be donated to the crafts people working with the Maya Mundo Foundation, a charity that works toward “the sustainable social and economic development of Mayan communities in the Yucatan Peninsula.”

Noma: Mexico has sourced many of their ingredients and materials from Maya Mundo, including, “tomatoes, corn and pumpkin to napkins, cup holders and serving baskets.” This pop-up is apparently just the first in what will be a series of collaborations. 

This is not chef René Redzepi's—the mastermind behind the now iconic restaurant—first charitable work. Back in November of last year, Redzepi announced that he would offer scholarships to Mexican culinary students to study at Noma. 

Reservations in the main dining room, which only serves dinner and costs diners $600 per person, are sold out through its closing date on May 28. Noma has also had pop-up restaurants and Tokyo and Sydney, where seats sold out in less than a minute and half. Noma: Mexico’s bar provides one last chance for diners experience Redzepi's highly sought after culinary creations.

Interested parties are instructed to line up in front of the restaurant at 12 pm in order to purchase a ticket for a seat at the 12-person bar, Wednesday through Sunday at the single 5:45 pm seating each day. Your effort will get you four courses, dessert, and drinks – and of course an incredible story to tell your friends once the meal is over—especially if you like worms