Wouldn’t it be nice to know the private dining rooms of all the best restaurants? Press folk get to see a fair number of them, and I’ve learned that there’s one consolation for those who can’t: A lot of private dining rooms—even at the best places—have a common flaw, stemming from their very privacy. The rooms are often so remote, they lack the personality and life that you know and love from the restaurant.

The new Landmarc at the Time Warner Center offers a creative cure: the “pod.” The restaurant’s spherical pods—in essence, supersize booths which are scattered throughout the main dining room—have walls that go right up to the ceiling, encapsulating you in your own stylish space, still right in the heart of things. These pods (as the name suggests) have a space-agey element; they’re kind of like where I imagine Captain Kirk would eat on the Starship Enterprise, with rusted steel walls and dramatic metal chandeliers overhanging the round tables and bench seats. Two of them seat four and five, respectively, and two seat eight (Landmarc takes reservations only for parties of six or more). If I weren’t so claustrophobic, I’d reserve one for my next private dinner party.